Feynman and Watson – Essay Example

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The paper "Feynman and Watson" is a great example of an essay on physics. Feynman and Watson were both very important in their respective fields. Feyman was a physicist while Watson was a Biologist. Watson discovery was in the Molecular Biology field where he discovered the structure of the DNA commonly known as the double helix. Feynman on the other hand largely contributed to the Quantum Electrodynamics field. Both of these men won the Nobel Prize for their contributions, Feyman in 1965 while Watson won it in 1962. It is, thus, evident that both of them had their greatest inputs in the 1960S.

From their discoveries, they were both creative. A virtue that led to their individual success. However, Feyman collective view of modern knowledge nearly led to his downfall. However, with the help of Watson’ s book, The Double Helix, he changed his view and began his own. Something that Watson had been able to do as an individual (Gribbin and Gribbin). Studying Physics is important as it enables one think more and critically in order to solve the issues that plague the world.

Once, Feyman was with Goodstein who had accompanied him on a trip to meet Watson who gave him his book. After he had read the book, he gave it to Goodstein who in the course of reading it told him that he was surprised Watson was able to achieve much while been out of touch with many others in his field. Feyman, scribbled on a pad, “ DISREGARD. ” He told him that, “ was the whole point. That was what he had forgotten, and why he had been making so little progress.

The way for researchers like himself and Watson to make a breakthrough was to be ignorant of what everybody else was doing and plough their own furrow. ” (Gribbin and Gribbin).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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