Fans Or Fanatic Behavior – Essay Example

The paper "Fans Or Fanatic Behavior" is a wonderful example of an essay on social science.
The celebrity status of the person or the event is marked by a huge following of the people. The celebrity or the event becomes a source of inspiration for others to achieve great heights in their personal and professional lives. Sometimes, apart from people and event, the people develop an overwhelming liking for a particular product, company, activity or idea which they like to promote amongst others. The fan following is thus motivated primarily by a desire to promote the person, event or product amongst a wider audience. The followers’ behavioral pattern can, therefore, be classified into two major type: the moderate fan behavior and fanatic behavior.
Moderate Fan behavior
This type of fan behavior is idolatry in nature and the fans try to spread awareness about their idol, favorite event or product through various means like forming a fan club, writing letters or developing websites to encourage others to follow. The moderate fan behavior is non-destructive and just exhorts others through peaceful means to share their likings. The Hollywood stars, leaders and teachers often have fan followings that are subtle and if often exhibited through a change in dress code, mannerism or even try to emulate their traits which the fans like in their idols.
Fanatic behavior
The fanatic behavior is marked by the person to hog the limelight through fair means or foul means. It uses the popularity of other person or events to promote self-interest. The behavior is characterized by a frenzy that infringes the rights of other people and may become dangerous in its physical expression. Soccer is the most exemplary example where the fan behavior often becomes fanatic and extremely destructive for the players and spectators.