Data Collection and Analysis – Essay Example

The paper "Data Collection and Analysis" is an exceptional example of an educational essay. Data refer to gathered groups of information concerning the quantitative and qualitative features of set variables. Data are the outcome of experiments and form the platform for observations, images, and graphs of the set variables. Collection of data incorporates issuing research instruments as well as collecting and putting in order reactions and measures of evaluation. Therefore, it is vital when collecting data to define the objectives and goals of the research (Afroze, 2010) 
There are different factors that one need to know when collecting and analyzing data. It is important for the researcher to comprehend the principle of the research by designing or formulating a research question, which will be used to gather data from people. The researcher needs to have some knowledge on what he or she is going to research. in addition, it is also significant to understand the conventional approach to research as this will help him or she gets acquainted with the behavior of the people they are going to collect data from. In addition, positivism will form the basis of theoretical frameworks, which have an influence on the type of data gathered to validate their findings of research methodologies (Afroze, 2010).
It is also vital for a researcher to have insight about qualitative perspective since this enables him or her to unravel and discover the meanings of the topic by enhancing people’s understanding about the topic (Afroze, 2010). Further, the qualitative approach enables the researcher to assess the depth and intricacy of any phenomena when gathering and analyzing collected data. When analyzing data, the researcher has to develop a research plan, which helps him or her summarize the main components of the research, regarding what would be studied or not. The research plan will enable the researcher to design the research topic and methodology, and then formulate a methodological approach to the research topic before conducting a sampling process for the collected data. Subsequently, the researcher will construct data gathering plan and implementation, data evaluation, and elucidation. If all these factors are considered, the researcher will be in a position to write a report about his or her findings.