The Impact of Justice on the Society – Essay Example

The paper "The Impact of Justice on the Society" is an outstanding example of a social science essay. Justice seems to be a term encompassing concepts of equality, morality, righteousness, and conformity to legal rules. Some people think it could only be served in the administration of legal proceedings in courts of law. I believe that justice is exemplified by every individual through the simple awareness of right and wrong and observance to this principle. Everyone is given the privilege of learning through various levels of academic pursuit the value of morality and righteousness. From school, we were taught to respect our parents and elders, to treat our friends well, and not to hurt others physically, emotionally or psychologically. College education offer courses that discuss ethics and law and focusing actions that would give benefits of a greater number of people. However, there is importance in not only discerning good from bad; but also in deciding to adhere to these principles of morality. One’s actions must not only serve personal interests but must be evaluated in terms of the effects on other people’s lives. There is justice in determining the right and appropriate choice when given two alternatives. For example, choosing between buying something that one really longs for (expensive jewelry), as against assisting a family member in buying much-needed books or medicines for one’s grandparent. There is also justice in including social responsibility and compliance with ethical standards for the greater good. Business organizations need to assess between generating profits at the expense of misleading consumers on the true benefits of their products. Justice is exemplified by every individual through the simple awareness of right and wrong and adherence to this principle. It takes more than knowledge and awareness. Appropriate action would complete justice in its simple form.