Experiencing Work – Essay Example

The paper "Experiencing Work" is an exceptional example of an essay on human resources.
I previously worked in an automobile manufacturing company for four years. During my first day at work, I was quite excited and jubilant that I passed the screening phase and will have a job that I can be proud of. During my employment, I performed my tasks diligently and followed the company rules and policies. Although I gained a few trusted friends, it just perplexed me that others would create stories and rumor destructive to my character. My immediate superior is kind and an efficient manager. But he has no regard to employee welfare when he set an objective or task that needs to be accomplished. He is an autocratic leader that sees only what is in front of him.
As time progresses, I remained in the same position that I had during my first day at work. I remember other contemporaries to have moved upward or sideward when their performance is mediocre. I attended personnel training and enhanced my skills (e.g. MS Office applications, internet surfing and research) in the hope that I will be able to perform other tasks which could open an opportunity for promotion. I felt a lack of motivation in the long run and my work became an unenthusiastic daily routine.
Although I had earlier viewed this work to be where I planned to stay for the next 10 years or until retirement, everything changed. I no longer find satisfaction from what I do. The salary is not an issue here because my pay is commensurate with the standard practice. My salary, however, is the only source of my income.
My perspective in life changed and learned that happiness and contentment within an organization are what makes a person stay and work for a long time. Contentment with the work environment becomes elusive with the attitude of my peers and superior (Bakshi, 2009).
Finally, I decided to change my career and sought another employment. I am presently working as a physician/pharmacy help desk representative, attending to patients about to make consultation with the physician or scheduling an appointment. I also handle telephone inquiries and calls. In this current work, I deal directly with clients. Although I find this job quite stressful especially when the volume of tasks is large, I find satisfaction that I can directly help people. Talking to patients gives me insights into their life experiences and situations. I learn a lot from them. This work is essential in the delivery of health care services to people and is vital in the health care industry. The position does not require a high educational attainment but needs only the basic skills and knowledge on health care as well as a proper attitude in dealing with other people.
Although work as a help desk representative is not a vocation or calling (in the same manner the priests or religious leaders do), I have found my niche in the market where I work to defray my daily basic needs but also render service to other people. I am contented with the work I do independent of whatever is the pay, work conditions or benefits (Garton, 2008).
Individuals who see their work as a vocation, doing what seems to be mediocre work should be viewed with admiration for having found a livelihood that gives them true happiness and satisfaction. It need not be a work that makes a person famous. What is important is the contentment of the person with his/her work. And that, the person is able to express his/her own talent, skill and capacity in whatever work he/she is engaged in. Happiness and contentment in one’s undertaking comprise a person’s work experiences. I have experienced this satisfaction in my present work as I can help other people as they find solutions to their health needs.