Commitment, a Weapon which Gives Us the Fruit of Success – Essay Example

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The paper "Commitment, a Weapon which Gives Us the Fruit of Success  " is an outstanding example of an essay on social science. Commitment, it's not only a word, but it is also a panacea and a weapon which will help a man a lot and leads him towards success. Though one may have intelligence, vast human relations, and creativity, without commitment he will be one foot away from the success. According to Bruce Elkin (2009), commitment sparks our energy and it helps a lot to reach our target. Commitment plays the major roll in achieving success and it is an internal force which alerts us to look forward till reaching the goal.

It rises out one's vision and makes him aware of his duties. A burning desire creates a commitment and the both of them make a man walk into his future with the passion to reach his achievements. Unless one has a commitment, a particular vision, strong zeal, and a passion to create something in one's life he cannot reach his goals and he remains failure one in the society.

The strongly committed sportspersons will definitely achieve gold medals in the contests and the students get good results in their exams and in their life also. One more thing is only the commitment itself cannot make us a champion when we don’ t have a proper vision and correct approach. So we can say the commitment is a weapon which we should use in the proper way to get the fruits of success. Even though one failed in achieving the goal, the commitment in his soul awakes him and works as a panacea and pats his shoulder and leads him towards his goal.

We can understand that the word commitment is not a group of letters, its magazine of bullets, which we can shoot the target by using the arm. Hence, commitment is the rule that is important in an individual’ s life as well as in the policy of an organization.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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