Evaluation of Health Care Quality in Advanced Nursing – Essay Example

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The paper "Evaluation of Health Care Quality in Advanced Nursing" is an exceptional example of an essay on nursing.   In improving the quality of service in healthcare, a continuous quality improvement plan takes place. The quality improvement process is data-driven and process-based. There are different tools used for improving quality. One of the tools used is the IHI improvement map. This tool brings together individuals' knowledge available in order to come with the improvement and ensure exceptional patient care. The application of IHI improvement tools involves many benefits in ensuring quality improvement.

The tool helps in making care safer, helps in cost reduction and quality increase. The tool also makes the care given to patients smoother (Institute for Healthcare Improvement, 2012).   Application of the Evaluation Results in Supporting an Organization to Achieve Quality Improvement Goal In order to use this tool, an individual needs to understand and have knowledge about computers. The tool is web-based and in order to prepare the map Microsoft Silverlight should be available. As a nurse, I can use this tool to help a medical center to achieve the improvement goal in different ways (Institute of Medicine, 2001).

First, I will focus on families and individuals, cost control platform, redesigning of structures and care services, population health management and system execution and integration. After focusing on the five elements, I will make sure they are considered and valued by the healthcare providers in an organization. I will enable the organization to consider the cost of services provided with respect to family background and care required. Consideration of the five factors will enable an organization to improve the quality of health services offered (Hickey and Brosnan, 2012).

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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