Easing the Teasing Strategies – Essay Example

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The paper "Easing the Teasing Strategies" is an outstanding example of an essay on social science. At first glance, the Easing the Teasing site by Ms. Judy S. Freedman appears to be a commercial, self-help enterprise for children who are victims of teasing and bullying. But upon examination, the author is really sincere with her advocacy to help children cope and perhaps eradicate such wicked behaviors. The information on the site should not be seen as a self-help package of common sense advice. It is based on research. For example, in its digest available on the site (Freedman, 1999), it is easy to see that the author has researched well the literature on teasing and bullying based on the list of references.

Her website is easy to navigate. Web designers would probably rate her site for being attractive while imposing no unnecessary graphics that would tend to slow down the computer. The same could be said of her advice: very practical and understandable. For instance, she listed as one of the ways to deal with bullies is to ignore by asking “ So what? ’ (Freedman, 2001).

Anyone could do this. She has weaved together almost everything that needs to be known for children to cope with bullies. There are probably much more interesting ways like this could be found in her book and other books she referred in the site. For friends or family members who have children who feel bad about themselves, reading from this site is highly recommended. It contains the simplest and most comprehensive way of dealing with bullies and teasers. They too would find that the given information is easy to understand and apply.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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