The African American Must Run His Community Up, Not Down – Essay Example

The paper "The African American Must Run His Community Up, Not Down" is an outstanding example of an essay on politics. " The world has seen a lot of problems under the regime of the last President of the United States. Now is the time to bring about a real change – the manifesto of Barack Obama for the Presidential race. This African American President needs to show to the world that he must not let his community down in any way and uphold the rights of the Black community for the betterment of not only this faction but also the rest of the world. He needs to run his community up and must avoid making mistakes which will put his community down in any form possible. Now is the time that he decides to put action into his words and brings about a real difference. The world is watching him and thus it is his decisions which will count as significant at the end of the day. He is accountable to his own community and thus he must know that his decisions will mean happiness of the lack thereof for his own people. He must show solidarity with his words and remain steadfast towards his commitment that he has promised with the American nation and to the entire world as well. This is a time to show to the world that the African American exists for real and he is no clown to bring happiness on the faces of the people yet does absolutely nothing when it comes to getting the job done. Obama has to bring about a real, positive change and this is indeed very significant.