Teaching English in China – Essay Example

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The paper "Teaching English in China" is an exceptional example of an educational essay. Having finished the online I feel more secure and ready to start the teaching career I’ ve been thinking about when decided to take the course. Now when I am prepared and aware of the peculiarities of teaching English to ESL/EFL students, my wife and I are going to move to our house in China. I will teach English to the Chinese. Such a decision came up as a result of multiple visits to the country.

Though my wife and I have been living in the US for the last six years, I have visited her motherland many times and noticed that the citizens of the country have a great interest in learning English. I believe my experience working as an area representative for international high school students coming to the USA will greatly help to succeed in the new profession. I have been participating in the exchange program for ten years, but, unfortunately, wasn’ t lucky enough to take the course earlier. In such a case I would have been a better guide and assistant for foreign students trying to succeed in a new culture.

Thanks to the course taken, I have not only gained much knowledge about teaching but have also understood how little I knew about the basic teaching concepts and techniques. I revealed for myself much new about teaching listening, using stick drawings, or considering word’ s connotation when dealing with international students. Though I have a great desire to teach and have experience communicating with representatives of foreign cultures, I understand there is still much to learn.

A good teacher should never stop learning, I believe. So, my next step will be taking a grammar course in order to improve own grammar skills.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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