The Chartered Insurance Institute – Essay Example

The paper "The Chartered Insurance Institute" is an excellent example of a brilliant essay. The Chartered Insurance Institute The Chartered Insurance Institute is the most established and well-recognized organizations for people working in the financial and insurance services. It is based in the United Kingdom and received its royal charter in 1912. Over the years it took on responsibilities for setting exams for students and providing funds to help pay for tuition. Interestingly, the organization first got its start by providing fire insurance. The last few years have been difficult for accountants and insurance companies due to the economic crisis. The biggest insurance company in the world, American Insurance Group, has had serious problems in the last few months and virtually gone bankrupt, and CII to has felt the pain. In order to counter these issues, the CII has launched a recruitment drive and has done a fair amount of restructuring to help put it in a good position to benefit from a changing marketplace in the near future.