Voltaires Candide – Essay Example

The paper "Voltaire’s Candide" is an outstanding example of a literature essay. In this text by Voltaire, the role of the and social organizations such as religion has been criticized. The author is of the assumption that the current state of the world could be better if more significant participation from involved stakeholder is improved (Voltaire, 2006). In addition, the text citizens nature at which common social problems are handled in the social and political settings (Voltaire, 2006). For instance, the role of religion has changed to a point that its social significance has diminished. The beliefs presented by Voltaire are based on the current state of the society. The start and the end of the information provided tend to prove the mismanaged role of social and state institutions (Leonard, 2004). In addition, the actions presented may be helpful to people who may be in need of help from these institutions. In an example, the aftermath of the Lisbon earthquake depicted how much human life was taken for granted. Moreover, the definition of the effects of the aftermath creates the realization that the state and other stakeholder institutions have failed (Voltaire, 2006). The point of surprise is created when the author disregards the role of state and social institution to safeguard humanity. From the information provided, one may assert that the development of cultures has minimized the level at which humanity is valued (Leonard, 2004). For this reason, human life is depicted as more important and significant than any institution, organization or denomination.