Equity and Community – Essay Example

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The paper "Equity and Community" is a great example of an essay on sociology. Man is a social animal who finds immense satisfaction in living in communities. The meaning of community is understood as a group of people who shares a common geographic location, common moralities, common cultural distinctiveness, or common customs. Every society is comprised of distinct individuals who form the pillars of the community living. Therefore, secure and prosperous community living necessitates a considerable degree of equity by which each individual gets the chance to procure. Equity can be defined as the process of empowering every person in a community by the provision of essential aid, resources and especially the opportunities that help to reach their full potential.

Many tend to misunderstand quality and equity. Equity enables equal treatment and seeks to provide resources and opportunities for individuals to accomplish their maximum potentialities. To accomplish true equity in a community, one should break all sorts of social, economic, and educational barriers. Communities have become more diverse with different cultures, races, and ethnicities and as Richards & Armstrong hold teachers need to strengthen the equity of all students irrespective of their diversities and differences (Richards & Armstrong 42).

Therefore equity in the community has turned out to be a significant factor in ensuring a secure and successful universal education to students in the 21st century. Besides, a negation of equity can lead to social and economical problems in communities and as a result when individuals do not have the opportunity to grow up within their community they can become violent and unrest; this causes great harm to the strength and unity of the whole community.

Racial inequality or discrimination also cripples communities as it develops an extreme gap between people of diverse races and leads to inconsistency. Therefore communities in the 21st century need to instill fairness and tolerance among individuals who inhabit in them and only by ensuring the equity of all members those intentional and unintentional relationships, which will lead to the accomplishment of one’ s individual and the collective goals of the society, can be created in many communities.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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