Varying the Sentence Pattern – Essay Example

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The paper "Varying the Sentence Pattern " is an excellent example of an essay on English. Varying the sentence pattern within a work means to change the way that sentences begin and finish from sentence to sentence. The purpose of this is to increase the flow of the sentence. For example, beginning every sentence with “ I like to… ” would sound very stifled if an entire paragraph was written this way: “ I like to ski. I like to run. I like sand castles. I like water. ” It would be rather obvious to anyone who read those previous sentences that the author of the previous sentences would more than likely be a young child who is beginning to write sentences.

The result is an overly choppy flow that sounds amateurish. The main problem that comes from not varying sentence structures is that it is harder to insert more information into the sentence. For instance, the first two sentences could be combined: “ I like to ski, but I like to run more. ” Both of the preferences are included in one sentence, but by combining them the writer would almost be forced to include which particular activity is preferred over the other one.

The second two sentences can be combined: “ I like sand castles and water. This is why I like the beach” The two sentences were combined into one sentence, and then the next sentence begins with another structure that ties the original sentences together. By combining sentences and varying the structure of the sentences, the flow and readability of the sentences will be improved. If the sentences are improved then they are more likely to be successful in relating their intent because people will be more likely to read these sentences the entire way through.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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