Online and On-Ground Education – Essay Example

The paper "Online and On-Ground Education" is an exceptional example of an educational essay.
To start with, web-based university courses and online classes the world over provide a significant facet of learning which was not possible in the yesteryears. It allows for distance education to become a reality that was unheard of in the past. Online lectures and seminars could be conducted through these web-based university courses which suggest that the benefits are outreaching and the possibilities are endless coming under the relevant domains. The most important point here is to understand that these online education avenues offer a feel of the real universities through the distance learning regimes.
However, on the flip side of the coin, online courses and classes make the students feel left out of the school decorum and campus life. It makes them more prone to living at home and sticking to the use of computers and technology than being present at school, interacting with teachers and their classmates, in the physical sense. The lack of meeting them makes the online students feel all alone and they do not quite enjoy their journey towards attaining a specific degree or course for which they have enrolled. It asks of the students to remain at the convenience of their homes and attain education which is being imparted on the campuses but the aspect of reality seems to be a missing facet. This has become such a huge part of our education systems that the world is quickly coming to terms with the very same. (Mupinga, 2007)
There is no substitute for attaining a degree whilst being a part of the campus itself and distance education has not been adopted as ‘the real study’ in different parts of the world to date. This is a huge problem since the student might have studied the same thing but the manner in which he has acquired this information and knowledge is also vital to his eventual job, career and standing within the society.