English as a Global Language – Essay Example

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The paper "English as a Global Language" is an outstanding example of an essay on English. People commence learning English at dissimilar levels. Practically, in English speaking nations, people start their experience with English when they are still youngsters. In non-English speaking regions, persons receive an opportunity to learn English whenever they relocate to overseas areas. The differential opportunity that people have towards learning English enables them to react differently to English in academic settings. My initial encounter with English happened when I was a child. During this period, I acknowledged very little regarding written English.

As I joined college, I noted that several students had problems with English (Crystal, 2003). This gave me the motivation that I would never give up on developing my lingual skills. I made a choice to develop an interest in the English subject. Furthermore, I concentrated on different activities that would enable me to learn the language. I teamed up with some students who accepted with whom we could scrutinize English concepts outside class hours. They aided me in developing my comprehension and pronunciation skills (Crystal, 2003).

I realized that reading several materials in English paid off at the end because my interest and level of English knowledge had increased drastically. The last thing I wrote in English was an email to my pals at college. In my email, I thanked my pals for their backing. This is because they supported me in realizing my interest in studying English (Crystal, 2003). I am equally pleased with my friends’ gesture to fellow students. Currently, my daily writing activities entail completing English assignments. I also write many articles in English about certain plays.

I have written numerous pieces of such kind (Crystal, 2003). I also forward the articles to my English tutor who makes changes on the scripts. This helps me learn English further since I understand the suggestions. Presently, as a writer, I am beginning to enjoy the English subject. My confidence while tackling English related assignments has improved tremendously. I feel fine about having learned much within a short duration (Crystal, 2003). In this class, I would like to study words, presentation skills, and speech writing.   My initial encounter with English subject happened when I was a child.

In spite of the idea that I knew little English this time, I have managed to gain massive knowledge regarding English. This is because I made a resolution to develop my interest in English.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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