Global Warming – Essay Example

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The paper "Global Warming" is an exceptional example of an essay on environmental studies. It was the second of February, 2007, when the United Nations scientific panel studying climate change stated that human activity indeed greatly influence climate change. The report outlined this activity as ‘ very likely’ is the reason for the change. In contrast, the earlier (2001) report stated it was just ‘ likely’ to be. This only one word – ‘ very’ – has told us that they have proved the influence of releasing gases into the atmosphere on the rise of average planet temperature in the last hundred years.

At the same time, the report has brought public attention not only to the fact that people’ s activity is threatening the planet but to the question of what to do as well. Diverse business groups have come together to call for federal regulation of greenhouse gases. Though the greenhouse effect is vital for the life of the planet, its increase has led to over warming of the atmosphere and heat’ s inability to radiate back into space. The situation is getting even worse.

The latest reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change predict that temperature rise will be only increasing if the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air doubles the level of 1750. As a result, sea levels might rise up to 23 inches and, consequently, the planet will face greater changes to last for centuries.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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