Classification of Sports Fans – Essay Example

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The paper "Classification of Sports Fans" is a good example of an English essay. Contemporary world has offered a wide range of healthy sports and games activities to the participants, spectators, and lovers of various sports. Olympic Games, mega-events, Asia Cup and others are examples of it. Historically shows, Brightbill submits, that in traditionally democratic countries, the level of production, the standard of living and the amount of leisure have been consumed and enjoyed in a high-quality way by arranging parties, events, and sports shows. (1982:53) The entire situation has accelerated both the proportion and number of sports fans all over the globe.

Sports fans have different categories and classes within the prevailing social set up. An overwhelming majority of such fans belongs to the young generation and students of schools and colleges. This type of fans is the most thrilling and dedicated stratum, which invests a significant part of its time to watch the sportsmen and their game at the playground or the place where the sports event is being taken place. The students bring small loudspeakers and other such trivial musical instruments in order to support their favorite team or player.

Such sports fans usually have no specific interest in one single sport; rather, they would like to observe and attend different kinds of sports managed and arranged nearby their residence or educational institution. The second category of the sports fans is comprised of middle-aged individuals, which have developed their taste for one specific sport, and hence do not take any interest in another type of games. Such types of people always discuss their favorite player and team and pray for its success in the match or event.

Though they do not extract time from their professional activities and engagements, by visiting the playground and wasting their time at the spot, they seldom miss the opportunity of watching the sport on TV or other electronic media. They do not miss even a single moment of sport and keep the schedule of mega-events with them. The third category of sports fans are casual supporters and are confined to the special sports events only. They watch the sport for the sake of entertainment and least bother to take the result of the sport to their heart.

They only discuss the expertise of the players with no particular attachment with any team member of the sport.  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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