The Use of Linguistics and the English Language – Essay Example

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The paper "The Use of Linguistics and the English Language  " is an excellent example of an English essay. The two passages present essentially the same facts while giving different impressions about the feasibility of nuclear power. This is due to the use of the available information in different contexts and by slanting the same; one gets a different perception of the benefits of nuclear power. In the first instance, nuclear power and its benefits are highlighted with the usage of the phrase “ 20 percent of all electricity in America” whereas in the second passage, the same fact is presented as “ only 20 percent of electricity is generated through nuclear power” .

So, essentially we have the same fact presented in two different ways that go a long way in altering the perceptions of those reading the article. In a curious turn, the first passage through positive towards nuclear power does not make a strong case for it and instead falls flat when it talks about disposing the nuclear waste towards the end. Whereas the second passage appears as though we are trying to solve the issue of nuclear power by addressing the issue of nuclear waste.

The first passage is somewhat dry whereas the second passage looks more authoritative by quoting the official statements and interviews. This is one more instance where the suitable use of facts with proper contextual emphasis can create a favorable impression of the subject at hand. By having certain details present in the article, one can get at a favorable or an unfavorable impression of the same. The learning from this is the use of linguistics and the English language, in particular, to mold and shape the opinion of the target audience towards a favorable effect for the author.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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