Clara Barton: An Incredible Woman – Essay Example

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The paper “ Clara Barton: An Incredible Woman” is an excellent example of an essay on English. So many things can be said about Clara Barton. She certainly made the most of her life; she achieved so much in her life. There are so many achievements of her which can be talked about. This paper will throw light upon the most significant achievements by Clara Barton. Clara Barton was born in the year 1821 and she passed away in the year 1912, which means that she lived for 91 long years and during her lifetime she achieved many great things which the other women just dream about achieving.

She played an instrumental role in the formation of the Red Cross. It is very fair to say that she founded The Red Cross single-handedly without the help and support of anyone. This is an incredible achievement and requires a lot of dedication and persuasion. She was given the title “ Angel of the Battle Field” because she took care of the wounded soldiers during the civil war. This goes to show her selfless attitude and her care and affection towards the other human beings.

She did not even care for her life; taking care of the Soldiers was her top priority. The year 1861 brought Lawrence for Clara Barton, she was appointed as the superintendent of Nurses and in the year 1869, she again served the soldiers in the Franco- Prussian War which took place in Switzerland. The year 1873 saw her return to the US; it took almost 7 years for her to start the Red Cross Society. The year 1881 was a very good year for Clara Barton because the first Red Cross branch was established in the same year.

She was also the first President of the Red Cross Society which aimed at serving civilians and the society is still very active and serves millions of needy people worldwide. Red Cross society made a difference by serving the victims of the yellow fever epidemic in Florida and in addition to this the Society members helped the victims of the Johnston Flood which affected people in the year 1889. Clara Barton has certainly passed on the tradition of helping the victims of the disaster which has continued as time has passed by.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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