Should the United States Reinstate the Draft – Essay Example

The paper "Should the United States Reinstate the Draft" is an outstanding example of an essay on history.  It is a question that has played a ‘believe and doubting’ game for a long time now. First of all, I believe it is important for the US to reinstate the draft considering the demands of the new world situation following the Cold War. There is no other crucial issue than the issue concerning the recruitment and retention of US armed forces, and the strength of the US force is not sufficient to meet the challenges of the new situation where the nation has declared war against global terrorism. “The only way to resolve these problems,” as Charles Moskos affirms, “is to bring back the draft.” (Moskos) There are several other people like Moskos who argue that the draft should be reinstated by the US to respond to the issues related to the armed force as well as to the demands of the global situation. However, is it completely correct to ascertain the view that the United States should reinstate the draft? In fact, it is an issue which goes beyond the primary concerns of the question. A reflective analysis of the question, as well as a profound understanding of the draft, confirms that the draft has never been equitable and it has been drafted chiefly by politicians. The draft has never been in support of the needs of the citizens rather than for the interests of the people who held power. Therefore, I strongly oppose the view that the US should reinstate the draft. Along with Alan Gropman, I strongly condemn the draft due to the realization that “presidents have taken advantage of this too readily available pool for domestic political reasons.” (Gropman) It is not in the interest of the entire nation, but for the advantage of political success. In conclusion, on the basis of several such pieces of evidence, I doubt the validity of the draft.