Snow Falling for a Foreigner from a Hot Country – Essay Example

The paper "Snow Falling for a Foreigner from a Hot Country" is an excellent example of an essay on English. Since I do not belong from America, I have found different things in my life which have impacted my personality in varied ways. I am basically from Egypt, a country lying in the Middle East and upper regions of North Western Africa. It was when I came over to Colorado-Denver, I experienced a whole new perspective towards life. I saw snow for the first time and this was a complete surprise for me. The reason for this is due to the fact that I have never seen snow throughout the duration of my life. It is a fact that some things do excite us within our lifetimes and seeing snow right in front of my eyes was a very unique yet happy experience. I can still recall the time when I was jumping in joy after I had picked up the snow on the road and felt it on my body. This was a completely new feeling for me – as I had never had such a feeling all my life. Thus the US has given me a new point of view and I feel very happy to state that seeing snow right in front of my eyes was something that I had never envisioned for my own self. It will continue to be a lasting experience for me as long as I am alive and I will never forget those moments. Coming from a hot country, I believe any other person would be amazed to see such snow falling scenes as well.