The Picnic – Essay Example

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The paper "The Picnic" is a wonderful example of an essay on English. The recent picnic that my friends and I went on actually started the night before as we made the preparations. Two friends and I began early in the evening frying chicken and making macaroni salad. Of course, no picnic preparation would be complete without the traditional glass of wine, a robust burgundy that I had brought along. This pre-picnic get-together also gave us an opportunity to make some plans for the next day. We had decided on going early in the day to a local state park that had numerous hiking trails and bike paths.

John and Sherri decided to take their new mountain bikes, while I opted for a Frisbee and a badminton set. We departed early on the day of the picnic in the face of some threatening weather. However, we had planned on this picnic for some time, made detailed preparations, and were not about to be discouraged in the face of a grumpy Mother Nature. Our resolution paid off as the sun had broken through the scattered clouds by the time we arrived.

John and Sherri set off almost immediately in search of a bike trail. The rest of the group unpacked the vehicles, lazed around, and played some Frisbee. Sean had brought his dog, Hunter, who was as good at Frisbee as the rest of us. The weather continued to cooperate as we ate our lunch of chicken, burgers, salads galore, and a variety of deserts. After lunch, Sherri and I went on a hiking path that we had totally underestimated the length of.

By the time we returned the other people were worried and we were hungry and worn out. We finished the last of the food and set back towards home. After arriving, I prepared for bed and had the best rest I've had in years. My dreams were complete with visions of fried chicken, Frisbees, and an endless hiking path.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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