Free Time in the Gym – Essay Example

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The paper "Free Time in the Gym" is an outstanding example of an essay on English.   A few weeks ago someone asked me what I do during my free time and my first reaction was, "Does going to the gym count? " Yes, I do consider exercising a past time. But it was not always like this. I detested exercising in the past. Three years ago if I had been told that my free time would be spent in a gym, I would have thought that I was out of my mind.

Then I signed up in a gym and, gradually, I grew to love going there. Of course, I helped myself by making it a point to enjoy what I was doing. Otherwise, I risked growing tired of it all when I went back to work. I thought that as long as I was doing it for the fun of it, I would learn to love it. Little by little, I started to enjoy seeing the usual characters at the gym and observing their little routines. Even my heart began to smile whenever I entered the weight room at the gym.

Now, even though I have little time during the week as it is usually filled up with my job, whenever I have free time, I usually try to do something productive rather than taking a nap. I have learned to go on a walk or run or work out in the gym instead of sitting around and feeling bored. Working out has become my escape, my time. When I am exercising, I feel I am relaxing. I go to the gym, bring my book, set the treadmill for 35 minutes, and when time runs out, I actually keep going.

After around 40 minutes on the treadmill, I use the machines and work out my upper body. Finally, I leave the gym with my head held up high, my arms shaking and a sense of accomplishment. Perhaps I am writing about going to the gym because I was inspired by my amazing workout tonight and I wanted to pat myself on the back. This reminds me that exercise lifts my depression and anxiety too.

Plus, it gives me a real high and keeps me energetic. I am just glad I have found a great way to spend my free time!

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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