EISA: Software Components--A Two Approaches Proposal – Essay Example

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The paper "EISA: Software Components--A Two Approaches Proposal" is an excellent example of an essay on information technology. The application software that is found in most IT departments in a company to implement the client/server technology are the database software, programming software, office suite software and debugging software. The business transaction processing system that the company uses is also run in the department.   Database software is the software that is used to create databases. One of them is the SQL server that is used to create the SQL server to facilitate communication between the database and the business information system that the company uses.

Compiler software such as Dreamweaver and php4 are used for. net programming languages like HTML, PHP, and JavaScript needs a wamp server for connection to the database. Office suite software such as word processor and the spreadsheet is also necessary because typing is sometimes done in the IT department, for example, the invoices and acknowledgment letters for the delivery of the item made to the department. Data security software like debuggers such as the anti-virus is also in this department because this is the section that ensures information security.

In addition, information filters such as firewalls are also there because some information is not supposed to go to other departments. The most common software that is found it the human resource department is the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software, the office suite. ERP is software that automates the entire human resource tasks such as recruitment tracking, training, and payroll, benefits self-service and workers management. Spreadsheet and word processor is also needed because there al a lot of typesetting that is done in the HR for example recommendation letters, appointment letters termination letters and promotion letters. ERP also facilitate communication with the other department such as finance.

In the accounting and finance department, the software that is present includes ERP. This is for the purposes of auditing. The audit team uses this to countercheck and track the expenditure in the human resource department. Word processor and spreadsheet is also present in this department. There is also QuickBooks software and other software that facilitate computerized accounting. In addition, the transaction system software is also present to be used while the customers are making payments (Sobh, 2010).

Web-based software is of late the most preferred because it provides the involved persons with information that are real-time and is needed. One does not have to spend a lot of time searching for information because it is readily available at any time needed. This implies that how the team makes a decision is improved. The accuracy of the information is also enhanced. Quickbase is one of the web-based software that assists one to change the business software to database applications which can undergo customization to suit the clients need.

The web-based software that supports business can handle several things in the various departments. One such important software is AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML). This is a technique used in programming that makes interaction with the website so simple. This enables data to be available everywhere on the internet. Data is not stored in the server but instead, it is on the website that is Ajax-based (Miller, 2008). Filezila is one of the software’ s that are used in the IT department.

When the web designers want to change the content of the website, add more pages or make the newly designed WebPages online they use filezila in uploading. There is also project management software like ACEPROJECT, this is the best for resource and project management characteristics like time tracking, notification of email, giving reports managing documents task scheduling, controlling the right to access the system and many others. This software is a multi-user; therefore, it can be used in all the departments, that is, the human resource department, information technology department and the accounting and finance department (Aberer, 2006).

Aconex is another high speed, non-complex in terms of using web-based software that can be used in the human resource department. It provides high information security. iSuite General Ledger is an application that is also web-based used for maintaining ledger accounts. It gives a report on any entry that is made to the financial statement. iSuite Fixed Assets combines all the asset accounting and asset management and stores all of them in one file, therefore, enabling easy reference.

WorkingPoint is also web-based and it does online invoicing in the department; this facilitates easy and simple management. TrueShare is software that can be used in any department that provides the management of files online. Users can access files, receive files, store files and even share with the clients or teammates

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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