Egyptian History – Essay Example

The paper "Egyptian History" is a wonderful example of a history essay.
One of the elements that make Egyptian history attractive is its glorious past. Egypt was one of the world’s oldest civilization and its wonders such as the Pyramid of Giza is still existing until today. It is such an engineering and architectural wonder that Discovery Channel and National Geographic always feature a documentary about its pyramids. Interestingly, the location of the Great Pyramid is in the exact center of all land area of the world which is why it is declared as the "most accurately oriented edifice on earth." (world ). It seems that there are still many undiscovered mysteries that Egypt holds. Apparently, our society needs to uncover the past in the hope that it would be connected with things happening in the present.
Along with its historical past, Egypt is fertile with religious beliefs that have greatly influenced some religions of the world today. Egyptian religion was one of the first beliefs that promoted afterlife. For this reason, members of its upper-class prepared extensively for the afterlife. Today, such beliefs have permeated modern society through various practices such as Yoga, Buddhism, and Hinduism. Some decades ago, the focus on Egypt was due to the opening of Tutankhamun’s sarcophagus that has been believed to cause the untimely death of people who witnessed that event. It was later found out that a certain radioactive material is a culprit and not the curse that comes with desecrating remains of the dead. Out of this exploits came a slew of horror movies that portrayed mummies getting revenge. Hollywood has earned a lot from the superstitious beliefs of Egypt. In fact, modern day movies such as Transformers used Egypt’s pyramids as the secret hiding place of the much coveted All Spark. Indeed, in this age of technology, people would still reach back to get in touch with the past, hoping that it explains the future.