Effects of Parental Support on Child's Development – Essay Example

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This paper "Effects of Parental Support on Child's Development" is a good example of an essay on psychology. Parental support plays a major role in any one's development both emotionally spiritually and socially. Most people depict certain characteristics all dependent on their parent's involvement in their growing up. People with positive parental involvement usually grow healthier and stronger both mentally and physically compared to those who lack parental support. Among other factors, parental involvement despite the conditions of the child is essential for proper child's development. The Block Institute is an organization located in Brooklyn on 376 Bay 44th street, New York.

Phone; (718)906-5400 and website https: //blockinstitute. org/. Being oriented on the improvement of life of persons with disabilities as well as their families, it is both non-profit and nonsectarian. The organization was institutionalized in 1962 and has since gained a piece of extensive knowledge in the individualized treatment of its subjects for more than 50 years. "Block Institute is dedicated to improving the quality of life for individuals and families of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. " is their mission statement which they have far been successful achieving.   Block Institute in relation with parents involvement, has both an "open door" policy with which parents are allowed in any time of their choosing in conjunction with a lot of other activities that involve parents.

these are events such as Parent workshops; in these workshops, parents meet their children's therapist and teachers and get educated on educational strategies, ways to handle behavioural issues and other management strategies. Potluck, holidays celebrations, and trips as well as book fairs. In most academic years, the first activity is usually the "Meet the teacher/Potluck.

" Here parents meet with their child's therapist, teacher and principle all in an effort for the parent to learn all concerns of their kids. Block also holds have P. T.C(Parent-Teacher-Conference) in which both parents and teachers meet and hold talks about children's progress on behaviour, the child's personal goals. Prior to P. T.C, parents are involved in a book fair which is voluntary: During this fair, parents are accompanied by their kids to buy books which are for fundraising purposes to the school.   From a closer watch on the kids, those with a more consistent parental support depict a stronger will learn and pursue their goals.

This shows that Block Institute understands the role of the parent on the child's development. Their particular selection of the activities such as participation in holiday celebrations such as Christmas and Halloween advocates for parental support to the kids. This kind of support is essential for both emotional and mental development for the children. this is evidenced by the differing behaviour on kids with parental support from those who lack the same.

The further education extended to the parents by the supporting staff on development and management strategies on the kids shows their understanding of the necessity, of parents being able to offer direct and proper support to their kids.     However, despite the necessity for parental support, sometimes parents are faced by a number of challenges which hinder them from being present in their child's development. These are such challenges work, tight schedules and also passive parents who lack interest in the kid's development. Block Institute has put in place some measures to help deal with some challenges as much as they can.

these are such efforts as planning for activities early to allow parents to find time to be in attendance. this helps parents with usually tight schedules allowing them to plan better for certain activities. Secondly, Block Institute tries to hold most of the activities during off-duty hours to allow working parents to find time for their kids.   Family involvement yields stupendous benefits not only to the children's development but to the institute management and better cohesion with the Institute's staff.

The direct benefit of parental support to the kids eases the workload of the staff. This is because as previously stated children with supportive parents tend to get more involved and willing to cooperate means the staff does not have to push them to obey. This helps reduce work stress to the stuff which helps further in improving their performance. From staff's reviews, it is obvious the work is tough and only requires one to have proper motivation to continue working and in a good spirit, support from parents shows the staff that they are dedicated and also interested in their children's development hence motivating them further.

Parental involvement has been a necessary foundational stone to the operations and effectiveness of the program. So far, the rating and review of the Institute on the care and commitment it has on its subjects are positive. the care they offer is centred with love and individualized care to their clients, however, there is a major concern by the staff who feel overworked and underpaid. From reviews by the Institutions workers, the workforce is wanting as the pay is.

To offer intended care, workers require being comfortable with reduced work stress and better motivated. This kind of motivation can result from better pay to the workers. It is essential for the organization to mind the needs of its staff and compensate for the same to keep motivated to offer the care they so need to achieve.   Block Institute has a noble mission in offering care to persons with developmental disabilities as well as their families. Despite their direct and individualized support to the pupils they have, they extend the education to the parents and helping them understand strategies to deal with not just normal kids but also those with disabilities.

They also help emphasize the need for parental involvement in the upbringing of children.    

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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