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Week archive To talk There are some tools after the s. For example, the checkmarks can be used to conduct a quick poll and the hand icon can beused to raise your hand to ask a question. Feelings can be expressed using the set of emoticons. To textTo text instead of using voice, the chat area can be used in the lower left corner. Just type a message and click enter. eBoard ToolsA number of eBoard tools are available such as a pointer, line tool, circle, freehand drawing, line thickness, etc. The tool marked T for example, can be used to type text on the eBoard, Import allows the user to import an image, picture or graphic, and Enable allows participants to be selected to use the eBoard tools. Course IntroThe purpose of the course is to provide an authentic online experience. f It is important to pay attention to the schedule and carry out the assignments.

It also helps to develop an assessment strategy. A certificate is awarded to those who complete the course and gain above 90%. Leading a discussionYou cannot copy-paste. You have to type.

One in five children in public schools has English as their second language so grammar issues have to be addressed. This situation can be handled. Another suggestion was to give a credit for getting to know each other. Seeing faces is very helpful. The tutor confirmed it is possible to show a document while talking but it is advisable to use a Powerpoint rather than a Word document. Week 2 archiveImporting a picture and telling a storyFollow the procedure above for importing a picture. While the picture is being displayed, the user can talk to introduce him/herself.

A number of people used this method to introduce themselves. What Wimba looks likeWimba is divided into a number of different areas. There is a content frame, a presenters console, a participant area and a text chat area. The content frame is the media box where various types of content can be displayed. On the right hand side is the presenters console that also supports sharing. A picture can be displayed on the bottom right corner. The media barVarious multi-way audio and video can be used for communication.

There is a talk button that initiates your microphone and video broadcast, volume meters to indicate the sending/receiving of audio, a camera button to raise or lower the video button, a backup telephone option, and an options menu for advanced audio/video settings. The Wimba classroomA Wimba classroom is described as a live virtual classroom. It supports a number of useful features such as multi-way audio and video, content display, application sharing, polling, and the eBoard. The enable button for example can be used to chat with students and ask probing questions.

The student can respond by using checkmarks to indicate whether or not he/she has finished. Poll resultsA classroom poll can be conducted and detailed results can be displayed showing each response. Open and multiple choice questions can also be created. Ensuring quality participationOne of the topics was how to ensure quality interactions in an online environment. It was pointed out that there is scope for elaboration and feedback just as in a real classroom. The interactions can also be maximised. If students are passive, they can be called on a routine basis to ensure active participation.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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