Why do Children Learn Another Language – Essay Example

The paper "Why do Children Learn Another Language" is a good example of an essay on social science. How I wish I had the opportunity to learn other languages when I was a child. Learning other languages has many advantages. There are some legitimate questions to be considered when a person plans to raise her/his child as a bilingual such as “Why should our children learn a foreign language?” “Is not our native language enough?” “Why do some people like to add the more academic study to their children’s life lives?”  One of the most important significant advantages of learning another a second language is having to gain expanded wider access to people and as well as resources. People who are bilingual, especially who speak a common popular international language such as i.e. English, and French, or Spanish, have the ability to interact and communicate with different people in different places and countries. Moreover, there are other advantages of learning another a second language such as which includes cognitive benefits and as well as academic benefits. There is no doubt that leaning learning in during the early stages of a child’s life is way relatively far more significantly better than as compared to learning in during the later stages. Some research suggests that learners who learn two or more languages are more creative and are better equipped able to deal with difficult problems. Therefore, when a child knows more than one language that means then sh/e know is likely to know more than one word for the same object and this can add to the cognitive flexibility of the child.  

        Some Furthermore, yet other research conducted in this field, proves offers substantial evidence which suggests that children who are bilingual have better in the reading ability than as compared to monolingual children. Hence, learning a second language will ensure significant improve improvement in the learner`s mental skills. From my experience in teaching English, I have witnessed that students who already know another language are more creative and intelligent than their peers who are monolingual. As for me, I will raise my children as bilinguals or even multilingual and advice recommend other parents every father and mother to offer similar opportunities to their children. to raise their children as bilinguals or multilingual since I have experienced the useful benefits of being bilingual.