Social Ramifications of Lobbying – Essay Example

The paper "Social Ramifications of Lobbying" is a great example of an essay on social science. Lobbying is particularly beneficial for the organization under question but harmful for the society at large. This is because lobbying sets a pretty negative precedent for the major players within the business domains. These organizations seek to assert their authority for all the wrong reasons and hence find themselves within a muddle of political and legal discrepancies. The social ramifications of lobbying are two folds – both positive as well as negative. It is a fact that lobbying is more harmful than being advantageous and it brings about issues which have never been touched before in the past. It is best to avoid lobbying under all circumstances so that society could be given something constructive in return. However, this is a difficult proposition. It is important to understand from which perspective lobbying is being understood. If seen from the business standpoint, lobbying brings in more revenues and helps the business to adopt a practice that gears up for maximum growth levels in a specified time duration. On the other hand, lobbying can prove to be a destructive force within the societal domains since people could take it as a drawback, thus maligning the organization in more ways than one. (Moffat, 1999) As far as regulatory policies are concerned, lobbying helps in shaping up the belief that is adopted by the major and more dominant player within the business industry. The small companies usually delve into the ploy that huge organizations have brought into the ball game – lobbying in essence.