Corporations Govern Society – Essay Example

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The paper "Corporations Govern Society" is an excellent example of an essay on social science. Joel Bakan’ s statement is a pretty vivid explanation of the hold corporations have over the society. This suggests that corporations usually have their say whilst enacting policy decisions which are fundamental to the basis of the whole society in essence. Thus the role is manifolds since the corporations manifest their true basis with the facilitation of a premise “ hold and govern” . This essentially means that the corporations take over the particular society’ s domains within their grasps and then start building pressure for the different stakeholders in more ways than one.

This does not matter to the corporations as to whether their actions help the society or otherwise, but what is deemed as significant is the mindset of earning revenues and gaining power with each passing day. (Bowman, 1996) The fact that corporations govern the society comes about in a very clear-cut way as one delves deep into the manner these corporations are essentially run. These corporations dictate the manner in which people eat, interact with one another and in the truest sense, spend their very lives.

The hold within their family values and linkages is something that puts the whole notion of corporate control in a very negative fashion. The ideology of corporations coming to the rescue of the society is a long gone thing of the past and now what can be expected from these corporations is nothing else but wrath – a sense of authority that knows no other way than divide and rule.  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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