Early Childhood Education - The High Scope Curriculum – Essay Example

The paper "Early Childhood Education - The High Scope Curriculum" is an excellent example of an educational essay.
High Scope Curriculum has been in use for over 40 long years and has been adopted in over 20 different countries. The approach is simple without any special requirements for equipment, materials or environment. The High Scope Curriculum, centers on recognizing and supporting the unique differences of children and utilizing these to develop their self-confidence and abilities (Henniger, 2009).
Early childhood education is not only essential but is also a very big challenge for parents and teachers alike. After several years of research and findings, there have been numerous educational curriculums that have been developed for this process. Of the entire curriculums, one of the most effective and efficient processes is that using the High Scope Curriculum (HighScope, 2009). This report will deal with analyzing the benefits and drawbacks of the High Scope Curriculum and based on the discussion of the effectiveness of the approach will be analyzed.
There have been several responses to the usefulness of the High Scope Curriculum. As has been noted in the discussion the views on the topic are varied and a number of teachers believe that the use of this method for teaching could be most beneficial if it were to be combined with other forms of the curriculum as well. The effectiveness of the curriculum alone is not as good as one which is combined. Hence although High Scope Curriculum has a number of benefits, it will be best in the interest of the students as well as the teachers to use a combined effort in the teaching process.