Drugs and Crime Prevention – Essay Example

The paper "Drugs and Crime Prevention " is an excellent example of a social science essay. The increased drug and substance abuse, especially by the youths, has raised the need for the government and other stakeholders to campaign against substance abuse. Several advertisements have been put forth to prevent substance abuse and especially to the underage. An example of such an advertisement is the ‘be a jerk’ ad popularly used in Hawaii State to compel adults to prevent underage drinking by the youths. Be a jerk ad outlines the ills associated with alcoholism such as crime and diseases. The advert focuses on creating awareness of the community about the dangers of alcohol and the effects it has on the community’s economy and security (Walters 381). The core emphasis of ’be a jerk’ campaign is to reduce alcohol advertisement tailored to the youth and to change the community’s customs associated with tolerability of underage drinking.’ Be a jerk’ ad is a very effective strategy and the message portrayed in the advert has aided the Hawaii government in the fight against underage drinking. The adults in the Hawaii community have been compelled by the campaign (be a jerk) to stop underage drinking and a number of youths have been exempted from underage drinking. In essence, the ad has helped to disregard the belief that alcohol is a rite of passage from childhood to adulthood and therefore one does not need to indulge in alcoholism to be a grown-up. In conclusion, most alcohol ads are very appealing to the youths and in most cases lure the youths to experiment with alcohol usage. Consequently, measures need to be taken to manage and reduce alcohol promotion advertisements in the media, especially to the youths.