The Importance of Plot and Action in Drama – Essay Example

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The paper "The Importance of Plot and Action in Drama" is a great example of an essay on performing arts. Playwriting is one of the most skillful and creative arts that people can engage in. It is the writing of dramatic literature or simply, drama. The scripts which are written by playwrights are often used so that they can be performed by actors on stage. Even if they are not used for this purpose, they can then be classified as rich literary works that have been written using all dramatic elements required for a playwriting script.

This script is not for dramatic performance by actors. Therefore, playwrights use their work mostly for performance in theatres. Theatre is an outlet which was extremely popular in the past. It was the time when there was no concept of films or television. But in contemporary times, the theatre has lost most of its popularity due to the sudden and hyped emergence of television and films. But if well made, theatres can have a much greater impact on the audience than either television or films. This is because theatre is for real, whatever it portrays is life and does not have any false illusions in store.

It does not animate its happenings and does not attempt to fool the audience, either with computer graphics or other technologies. For this reason, only, it is believed that a tradition that propagates playwrighting which does not focus on plot and action can never be successful or continue over the years. A good plot and catchy action is something that can make a playwright attractive, especially if we place it in a sensitive area like entertainment.

The entertainment arena, where the purpose is to please a certain audience is expanding its wings day by day, where there is no chance for a live performance to survive. In such circumstances, not focusing on plot or action would be a big mistake on the part of playwrights because these elements are what attract the audience and then leave an impact on them.   The Importance of Plot: A plot is something that is used in fictional stories to dictate and narrate the ordering of events that take place in the story.

It is like the gist of the story and consists of mostly everything that took place in the story. A plot usually attempts to end at some artistic ending or tries to put an emotional impact on its reader or viewer. This effect that it tries to inculcate in the end is what gives the reader a feeling of entertainment and being moved by the thought and the narrative in the plot. A plot is the most integral part of any playwrighting script that is written.

It consists of a proper structure that exists at several levels and forms. When we come down to its smallest level, it consists of a stimulus and response. That is, everything that happens in a plot wants and is created to generate a certain response from the reader, the viewer and the listener. This cause-and-effect is what makes a plot lively and interesting and grasps the attention of the audience, making them eager for more.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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