Aligning the Sales Strategy with the Business Strategy – Essay Example

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The paper "Aligning the Sales Strategy with the Business Strategy" is a marvelous example of a marketing essay. Since there are no competitors in Jeddah, the gym will target consumers using aggressive and sustained marketing strategies that will allow the company to capture the largest market share possible. This will be supplemented by excellent customer relationship management (CRM) platform, consumer engagement techniques, and innovation (Perreault, Cannon & McCarthy, 2014). It is worth noting that the services offered by the gym are highly specific. As a result, relevant market research will also be conducted so that potential customers can be identified and targeted (Proctor, 2014).

The objective is to reduce the time it takes to reach consumers, and that is why market research is vital. The results of the market research will be aligned with the business strategy of differentiation by developing databases and mailing list. Using these two resources, target markets can be reached, and customers served via mail-order systems and limit traveling expenses (Samson & Daft, 2014). This plan will serve two purposes. First, it is congruent with the differentiation business strategy.

Second, it will allow the gym to access its target market and win enough of them for it to develop a sustainable business. Sales ChannelsSales will be both direct and indirect. Indirect sales, the gym will use its sales team to reach markets and interact directly with customers (Baker, 2014). To facilitate this, salespeople will be supplied with equipment and marketing materials to enable them to reach out to consumers in various areas and sell the membership. Salespeople will be required to use their sales and marketing skills to convince prospective consumers to sign up for membership (Pride & Ferrell, 2014).

In indirect sales, the gym will use affiliate marketing, partner with other companies to sell membership on its behalf at suitable rates, and employ advertising channels like TV, radio, and print media. Platforms such as the internet (social media marketing) will be used to create forums where the gym can interact with current and potential consumers.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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