Do You Believe In Angels – Essay Example

The paper "Do You Believe In Angels?" is a good example of an essay on creative writing.
I strongly believe in angels. Since my childhood, I have heard many stories from my close relatives that how God helped them in their difficult moments through the angels. I am going to tell you a true story I experienced. This experience strengthened my belief in angels.
I am a teacher by profession. One day I got up at five in the morning, took a bath, offered my prayers, and after a light breakfast, I left for my job place. Around 9:40 A.M., I was sitting in my office and reading a book. Suddenly I felt as if I am swinging. First, I could not understand what was happening. Then I felt the doors and windows thumping. I understood that I am having an earthquake. I could feel the floor shaking and the cup of tea on my table jumping violently up and down. I had experienced the terrifying reality of earthquake several times in my life, but this time it was of longer duration and greater intensity. I begged forgiveness from Almighty God for my faults and sins; I had done consciously or unconsciously throughout my life. I became confirm for my death during this earthquake. Suddenly a beautiful young stranger stepped in. There are about 100 male staff members in my institution but I had not seen him before. The stranger quickly picked my hand and dragged me outside the room. As soon as I came out, the roof of the room came down the floor with a big blast. I was listening to the cries of the workers from other parts of the building. I was in hysteric condition. When I came to my senses after some time; I wanted to thank the person who had dragged me out of the room. He was nowhere in sight. He had disappeared. Then I thought it was odd that a person during an extensive earthquake was roaming about calmly. I am sure that he was an angel. God sent him to protect me in answer to my prayers during an earthquake. (Ladner-Bischoff, 2004)