National Do Not Call Registry – Essay Example

The paper "National Do Not Call Registry " is an excellent example of an essay on family and consumer science. Telemarketing has recently become a popular mean of advertising and sales within some industries of the business world. However, not all the people are happy with this fact. I, personally (as well as many other people, I believe), am not fond of wasting my time talking to individuals trying to sell me something I don’t need at all. At the same time, there are people who use this service and find it more convenient to buy on the phone, without leaving home and driving somewhere to find what one needs. Therefore, I believe, preferences and demands of both these categories should be respected and satisfied. An individual does have a right for privacy – that is for not receiving or answering unwanted calls. This, of course, can be reached by simply not answering calls from unknown numbers. However, in such a way one may miss an important call from a person phoning from a place different from usual. That is why, I think, National Do Not Call Registry is a viable tool for people to satisfy their needs and preferences: one can always choose whether to use the service or not. Such a limiting of access to potential customers, of course, is not the most favorable solution for business. However, I believe, the business must be conducted according to certain ethical rules, and, therefore, businesses should respect people’s choices, especially if they are supported by law. Besides, in my opinion, a person unwilling to be sold on the phone will not talk to the salesperson even after picking up the phone – if I don’t want to buy, nobody will make me to. Therefore, I believe National Do Not Call Registry does not harm businesses too much since the percentage of potential customers among people who registered their numbers is not too high compared to that of the unregistered phone-owners.