Distinguishing Management And Leadership Competencies – Essay Example

The paper "Distinguishing Management And Leadership Competencies" is an exceptional example of an essay on nursing.
One of the services that are currently not available in the nursing setting, but may be quite useful and is in compliance with the professional goals is reporting a status of a patient online for the relatives to check if everything is OK. This information will be password protected; so, no one other than family can access it. Nurses would have to work with the computer more than at the present moment.
In this case, management competencies will be needed in order to make the implementation of the service successful. Thus, all the staff that will be required to input the relevant data should be taught how to do it in the shortest period of time; in other words, time management here is important. In addition to that organized training of the nurses is also helpful. Thus, being able to use time properly and organize business processes will prevent chaos (Zaleznik, 2004, 74).
As for leadership competencies, there should be an explicit role model for the nurses that will guide them through training. It will also show them that using new technology is better than avoiding it. This means that a leader should become a role model for the people in their quest for personal development (Hill & Lineback, 2001, 125). The value of this competence is hard to exaggerate: it enhances the connections between the staff and encourages people to take up new activities and learn new skills which they will use in their performance in the future, growing as professionals (Laureate Education, 2012).