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The paper "Dispensing Machine: Bill Dispenser" is a perfect example of a technology essay.   The world is changing at a high rate as a result of technological advancement and rising customer demands. This has led to the modernization of many machines in order to make work easier and less expensive. One such machine is a bill dispensing machine used for pharmaceutical uses (Segrave, 2002). A bill dispensing machine is a simple device used to split medicinal pills or tablets. The tablet to be torn apart is positioned, and the blade pressed down to split it (Hochadel, 2006).

When it is done cautiously, it is frequently possible to divide it into quarters. The main reason for using a bill dispensing machine is to give a lower dose of the active ingredient or to get hold of multiple smaller doses. This will help to minimize costs or when the pills presented at a certain time offer a larger dose than what is being looked for. At present, there are innovative bill dispensing units that have high rapidity, large capacity, and reliability as well as reclamation and diagnostics utility.

In addition, there are dispensing machines that handle only specific medications. It is evident that not all tablets available in the market can be divided equally well. This is determined by the cost structure, the way the pill was formulated, and dosages of the time (Marshall Cavendish Corporation, 2003). A number of medications have few different uses; therefore they are vented in different packages and doses for different applications. The price for some applications will also vary. There are diverse kinds of bill dispensing machines made by various manufacturers.

Every machine is made to suit the needs of many clienteles with regard to various pharmaceutical goods or tablets available for splitting in the market. Because of the high competition, every manufacturer tries to raise the superiority and standards of their goods.   This is to ensure the conveyance of quality products and services plus the safety of consumers (Welborn, 2005). In many pharmaceutical items, the users look for attributes like safety, usefulness, ease of use and cost. Most bill dispensing machines are well fitted to ensure health practitioners use them professionally (Bruno, 2011).

This guarantees that the bill dispensing machine cuts the pill in the right size and doze hence protecting the health of clients. Likewise, manufacturers of these bill machines make every effort to provide their customers with products that meet their expectations while finding new ways to set apart their products at a competitive price. Over the years, bill dispensing machines have experienced noteworthy changes and inventions (Segrave, 2002). Most of them have progressed and can now do two or more tasks at once. Pills that are split unequally may possibly not deliver accurate dosage but with modern machines, it is easy to be accurate. The use of bill dispensing machines makes work easier and has enabled easy access to medical products.

The machines reduce costs and help to get many medicines in smaller doses.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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