Where Dutch Go on Holiday – Essay Example

The paper "Where Dutch Go on Holiday" is an excellent example of an essay on tourism. Netherlands is one of the European nations experiencing the benefit of the increase in tourism all over the world, which is specifically 5% growth in the region which is second to the highest which is Asia at 6% growth and similar to Africa which is also 5% (UNWTO). The Netherlands is one of the countries found on the Western side of Europe beside Belgium and Germany. The people know German and English aside from the national language. For that matter traveling around the world on different destinations is one of the most awaited summer activities of the majority of the Dutch population (Holland Website). According to different surveys of the preferred travel destinations for the Dutch people, they choose near destinations due to less expense in relation to economic difficulties around the world. France is always and still is the top choice for vacation and travel destination in the majority if the Dutch population followed by nearby countries such as Germany, Spain, Italy, and Turkey. Based on the said survey, a total of 8 million people will go on a holiday but 3.5 million Dutch will spend this on different holiday destinations within the country. In the past years, top destinations for the Dutch people includes Croatia, Turley, Belgium, Britain, and Germany. Another famous destination for the Netherlands is the different locations in the Mediterranean Sea (Dutch Daily News). Based on different travel programs and news on television, Asian countries are also included in their preferred destination, specifically Indonesia which used to be a Dutch colony and now Thailand one of the most famous destinations for tourist from other continents.