Discovering Science Through Social Media: Existence of Other Earth-like Planets – Essay Example

The paper "Discovering Science Through Social Media: Existence of Other Earth-like Planets" is a worthy example of an essay on science. The social media are rich with the information that there are other Earth-like planets orbiting stars in the Galaxy. The New Times is leading in the role that social media plays in science discovery (Overbye 1). The particular article draws attention to the discovery of 8 new planets circling their stars. In addition, the article refers to the activities of the NASA's spacecraft where it has been possible to spot hundreds of planets that are almost like the Earth. Scientists have ranked these planets according to their sizes; the larger the planet, the more likely it can support life (Overbye 1). 
The Mail Online is another social media with detailed information on the discovery of another planet by astronomers. The article by Ohlheiser talks about the discovery of an enormous planet; three times the size of the world. On the other hand, the article refers to conclusions by scientists that there can be many planets orbiting a billion stars in the universe. Scientists argue that like is ubiquitous and can thrive anywhere thus there a high possibility that the planets can support life (Ohlheiser 1). Given the small size of the planets orbiting the stars, it is hard to see them through telescope thus scientists still have much to do to ascertain their existence.  The Wire Online is also a social media site with substantive information about the discovery of new Earth-like planets. The article claims that sun-like stars have Earth-like planets orbiting them after analysis of Kepler telescope of NASA (Chung 1). The findings are driving scientists into research to find out other planets that could be habitable. If one looks through the telescope, it is possible to see sparks around the stars. Astronomers did assume that these sparks could be planets orbiting the stars, and their sizes relate to those of the Earth-like planet.