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The paper “ Abortion - Opposing Viewpoints”   is a  dramatic example of an essay on philosophy. No right is more essential than the right to live. And the premature death of a young child is among life's most dreadful tragedies. To cause such a death is an immense wrong. And if infanticide is wrong, is the ruin of a fetus at eight months of gestation, or at five, any diverse? Nothing is more demoralizing than life without freedom. A life in which one can be compelled into parenthood is just such a life.

Rape is among the most reflective rejections of liberty, and convincing a woman to accept a rapist's child is a murder or an attack on her humanity. How diverse is it to force her to remain pregnant and become a mother just for the reason that efforts at birth control by chance failed? From her standpoint, the pregnancy is also unwanted. From the point of view of the fetus, how the pregnancy began certainly makes no difference. If compelling a woman to persist a pregnancy that will just about surely kill her is not permitted, how different is it to force her to maintain a pregnancy that will almost certainly shorten her life?

Or a pregnancy that will leave her life a shambles? Are there means of approaching issues like abortion that evade pitting these absolutes against one another? Approaches of choosing that uphold respect for the deepest principles on both sides of the equation? Ways that face the authenticity of sex and power that trigger the struggle? Abortion remains one of the most fervently argued societal and ethical issues.   Both sides present prevailing arguments for and against abortion.

The pro-life groups give emphasis to the argument of protecting human life since formation at any cost, to the point of giving complete precedence to the life of the unborn fetus over the life of the mother. The pro-choice group puts emphasis on the argument that a woman must have a right to manage her body to the point of absolutizing her right over the innate phenomenon of development of a new living being (Cozic, Charles, and Stacey Tipp, 1991, pg 97). Basically I believe the majority of the babies that are aborted are unwanted babies.

The mother of the baby supposes that they would be poorly mistreated and ignored. This is why abortion is okay for them. They believe abortion is putting away the child from maltreatment. Moreover, a woman has the right to make her own decisions.   If a woman makes a decision to have an abortion it is her right to do as she pleases with her body. The issue of whether abortion is morally right must be left up the sense of right and wrong of the woman who is making the decision and not through judging eyes not going through the same circumstances (Richard J.

Hardy. , 1994, Page 189). For instance, a woman with a family of four who is hardly surviving finds out that she is pregnant. She comes to a decision to have an abortion for the reason that she can’ t afford the baby.   That might have saved the world of one sadder story of a mother abusing and neglecting her unwanted child. Every woman has the right to make their own decisions.



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