Developing a Strategy to Build a New Mobile Ordering System – Essay Example

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The paper "Developing a Strategy to Build a New Mobile Ordering System" is a great example of an essay on e-commerce. The world is changing very fast. The dynamics that technology presents warrant that the company adapts to emerging trends. Based on this, the following is a proposal to come up with a mobile application platform for making orders at the company’ s retail outlets. Given that mobile usage is on an upward trend, it is important for the business to conform to market trends so as to remain relevant and shelve competition.

The development of the mobile application will not be costly. Importantly, the current employees in the company’ s IT department will be the ones who will develop the mobile app. Only when the need will arise is when assistance will be sought from elsewhere. To be successful, the application will have to protect the Personal Identification Information of the clients from other general information. To do this, it will require that a client downloads it and registers first. From the registration, confidential information will be protected while a unique identification will be given to each user (Fitschen, 2013).

It is from the unique identification that personal information will be protected while using general details to complete any orders made. To integrate the mobile app with the current point of sale, a web application having similar utilities will be used. The web platform will then be integrated with the point of sale platform to process transactions in real time. To avoid having a website for each store, every outlet will have a unique code which will be used to identify them.

With the unique identification for the different retail outlets, one single web platform will be able to host all the retail outlets. The new app will save the company operating costs such as having many employees working as tellers on the points of sales. Other than that, the issuance of electronic receipts will reduce paper receipts thus saving the company a lot. Additional revenue from the app may come from instigating loyalty programs with rewards and bonuses for clients which will lead to more sales thus increased revenues for the company (Peters, 2008).

The social media will be used to run promotions targeting new and old clients. One way of doing this will be through marketing on platforms like Facebook or even Twitter. Through competitions and reward programs on such platforms, the app will be marketed to the target audience. Based on the above, it is important that the company develop a mobile app for the ordering system. It will steer the company in the right direction technologically and economically.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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