The Need of Mountain View Health Center to Develop Philosophies, Goals, and Objectives – Essay Example

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The paper "The Need of Mountain View Health Center to Develop Philosophies, Goals, and Objectives" is a worthy example of an essay on health sciences&medicine. The strategic and operational planning is significant in supplementing other functions of the management. Adequate strategies concerning the company are required to ensure organizational objectives, needs and standards are met. Patient care is imperative to most health centers and clinics (Cara, Nyberg & Brousseau 2011). Mountain View Health Center has develops plans and policies that it uses to implement activities. It recently created strategies that would allow patient care through infrastructure improvements, control of industrial pollution, and the preservation of agricultural land among others. This paper will focus on the need of Mountain View Health Center to develop philosophies, goals, and objectives. 
1. The act of diligence and caring is better demonstrated by Mountain View Health Center. Care is what we do! Care is who we are!
1. To offer professional medical satisfaction and produce exceptional results for patients and their family members through offering quality, safe, caring, and expert services.
1. To be the leading healthcare center in the community surpassing national standards by integrating technology to ensure proficient care. Our art of care will integrate various disciplines supplementing medical profession to develop the nursing profession.
The statement of philosophy is significant to an organization, especially a professional one. Sare and Ogilvie (2010) suggest that statement of philosophy defines the systems of beliefs in an existing organization and the needed framework to accomplish goals and objectives. Mountain View Health Center philosophy statement illustrates the beliefs and principles that ensure patient care is achieved. Goals and objectives provide frameworks for making decisions and setting of performance (Marquis and Huston 2012). A goal is however distinct from an objective. Goals tend to reflect the model image of an organization at a future date. Objectives, on the other hand, are ends to which activities are aimed at. Proper conduct of objectives leads to efficient results (Lloyd-Jones et al. 2010).
Kenny (2012) argues that Planning may involve making a choice from alternatives. It includes the definition of the task at hand and proper measures to ensure the task is done. Planning involves the proper definition of objectives, goals, and philosophical statements. Ensuring care is paramount in Mountain View Health Center will allow its perpetual succession

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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