Liberal Vituperation Makes Our Letter Writer's Point – Essay Example

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The paper "Liberal Vituperation Makes Our Letter Writer's Point  " is a great example of an essay on English. This dispatch is a reply to an article, “ Liberal vituperation makes our letter writers point” published on your journal on January 29th, 2014. On this date, WSJ published a memo to the editor from VC Tom Perkins who argued that condemnation of the 1% was akin to the Kristallnacht, as well as the Nazi discrimination of the Jews (WSJ 1). Perkins was flayed since then, but there was certainly some truth to this matter (WSJ 1).

WSJ should admit that perhaps the exact contrast is inapt, but you still dispute the strong reaction has justified him. Even as declaring to be outraged at the Nazi suggestion, the critics appear much angrier that Mr. Perkins tried to question the political affairs of economic class rivalry. It could be seen that from your letter that numerous other publishers devoted a complete editorial to discrimination and Mr. Perkinss "crazy Nazi rant. " However, denouncing him for only defending Danielle Steel, his former wife, as well as even for owning a number of Rolex watches is inequality in itself.

Perhaps the critics are frightened that Mr. Perkins has discovered something important concerning the lefts political technique. You should consider the current record of liberals in power because they are the ones preoccupied with the Koch brothers together with other billionaires aiding to conventional causes, siccing the press to trash them plus federal agencies to close them down. However, you have to open up your mind first to the subject, a mind, which, up until now, has been shut by a poor interpretation of inequality.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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