Denver Art Museum – Essay Example

The paper "Denver Art MuseumDenver Art Museum" is an excellent example of an essay on visual arts and film studies.
I spent a whole morning enjoying the Denver Art Museum. It was actually my second time visiting and I found there are still much to see since my previous tour. For beginners, it is helpful to know that the museum consists of two buildings, the Northern Building, and the Hamilton Building. The former, which is the larger of the two, houses American and Spanish art collections, while the latter contains the temporary exhibition galleries, the modern and contemporary art, as well as those pieces from Oceania and Africa. The 8-dollar entrance fee already covers both of these buildings, so it is actually a treat.
For first timers, the museum would prove to be a pleasant experience. Upon arrival, they would immediately be greeted by the very nice staff. Then there is an impressive collection of pieces from across the globe. For my part, however, I was pretty much taken by the new addition to the museum which one finds near the entrance area. This part is devoted to the works of young artists which include interactive audio-visual pieces. I spent a good amount of time here, before proceeding to the Asian section where I found the wood art called Hanuman’s Statue.
An important feature of the Denver Art Museum is the family section wherein parents and kids could enjoy the museum experience. I learned from one visitor the section took the stress away from them since it is designed in such a way that no extra distraction or vigilance is needed in order to keep children from touching and, yes, breaking, things or from making noises.
I am recommending the Denver Art Museum’s impressive collection of Americana and Contemporary Art. I enjoyed them immensely. However, the value for visitors does not end there. I would say that the Denver Art Museum has something for everyone. There is always something going on in every corner. From, the family section, the several interactive pieces, padded chairs – all the participatory environment and activities show visitors that the museum has not only tried its best to make them enjoy art but also, ensure that they are comfortable as well.