Dental Assistant in Pediatric Dental Office – Essay Example

The paper "Dental Assistant in Pediatric Dental Office" is a good example of an essay on English.  I worked with Dr. Matsui in his pediatric dental office as a dental assistant. I became involved in dentistry and this provided me with dentistry experiences. His dental restorative treatment with my assistance was a very meticulous process. I still remember the day when I got into trouble. On April 2nd, 2007, Dr. Matsui was performing a pulpectomy procedure to a 6-year-old female anesthetized patient. After the removed of all of the infected dental pulp, he applied to etch on the upper lateral incisor and then I took the etch syringe from him. I was supposed to give him a water gun and prepare for suction but I gave him a hand-piece instead. It was at that moment when he started yelling at me. The diamond-bur equipped in the high-speed hand-piece somehow fell off and went into the patient's mouth. To top it off the patient started coughing and swallowed the bur. I was plunged in despair. Dr. Matsui asked me to leave the surgery room and I wondered how I was going to explain the incident to the patient's guardian. Dr. Matsui persuaded and convinced the patient's mother by saying that the bur would come out with the stool. I received a telephone call from the Guardian saying that the bur had come out. After this incident I always double check. This harsh experience gave me a lesson, that even a tiny mistake can lead the patient into significant danger when the proper action has not been taken.