Demonstrating Your Ability to Use Good Judgment when Giving Advice – Essay Example

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The paper "Demonstrating Your Ability to Use Good Judgment when Giving Advice" is a great example of an essay on human resources. Being a team leader in the aviation security screening department at Canberra International Airport often calls for me to use good judgment when advising my team members. In one incident, two security officers in the team came to me with one complaining that the other was too lax at the job and often let airport visitors pass without conducting the necessary security checks. The other retorted that as far as he knew, he was conducting his job properly.

I advised them to forge a better working condition because as team members in a sensitive security docket, each was practically supposed to act as “ his brother’ s keeper” . Later, I held a private meeting with the accused security staff and reminded him of the need to be ever alert especially in the wake of increasing security threats. To ensure that my advice was based on good judgment, I considered the importance of working as a team. However, to avoid victimizing the accused in front of the accuser and creating working tensions between them, I decided to verify the facts, and advise the accused in a separate meeting.

To ensure my advice was sound, I considered the long-term effects of taking the accuser’ s statements as absolute truth without giving the accused a chance to defend himself and realized that such actions would create a bad precedent. I knew I had given the right advice because, in a week’ s time, the two team members were working together again in a friendly manner and even holding brief for each other whenever the need arose. Provide an example of a time when, as a member of a team, you have made a significant contribution towards the achievement of a goal like all airports, Canberra International Airport’ s security team has a goal of preventing harm to passengers, aircraft and the crew.

By so doing, we are able to reassure all airport stakeholders of their safety. As a security team leader, I play an important role in ensuring that the identified goal is afforded the necessary importance by my team members.

As such, I always ensure that the team has weekly briefings where any new challenges are identified and solutions to the same discussed and agreed upon. I also read a lot regarding airport security around the world, and pick the best practices therein for incorporating in my team’ s activities. For best practices that require management intervention, I always inform my superiors who then discuss the issue and decide the necessity or lack thereof of adopting the suggested security measure. To ensure coordination in the team, I schedule regular meetings where new practices are explained to all team members.

During such meetings, team members are allowed to voice their questions and/or opinions regarding the new practices, and it is from such interactions that I am able to determine the effectiveness of my communication as a team leader. Through reiterating the importance of never losing focus on the goal to prevent harm to passengers, aircraft, and the crew, and through regular meetings to ensure that the same focus is never lost, I believe my team and other security stakeholders at Canberra International Airport have so far succeeded in upholding the airport’ s security over the years.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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