Reliability And Fixed Performance Standards – Essay Example

The paper "Reliability And Fixed Performance Standards" is an exceptional example of an educational essay.
Several tests and examination are conducted with the aim of determining whether the performance level of the students is similar to the performance standards that have been established beforehand. The performance standards that have been created before are regarded as fixed performance standards and the aim of these performance standards is to avoid comparison of the results of different students giving a similar test. Such tests are even regarded as criterion-referenced in nature (Linn, 2005). Such tests are mostly conducted in order to test skills that are essential for students and due to this the previously set standards of performance are of lower degree. The reliability of fixed performance standards is identified with the assistance of interrater reliability method. Interrater method prescribes that no matter who is checking the assessment performance of the students; there should be consistency in the rating provided (Reynolds, 2007). The reliability of these tests is also verified with the help of internal consistency method. This method prescribes that all the tasks that are being assessed on a assessment tool should measure a mutual skills or ability. The third method for identifying the reliability of these tests is that the tests should be used to measure the same skill or ability when different tests are used in different time intervals (Ary, 1972). The last way of measuring the reliability of these tests is that different tests should measure the same skill or ability at different points in time.