Define Scope with a Work Breakdown Structure – Essay Example

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1 The need to achieve success in any given organization is a task that cannot be underestimated in any way. With today’s competitive global economic market, success in individual companies even surpasses the need to make more profits than in previous times (Luther, 2009). Today, it entails among other factors, the need to maintain existing customers, the need to win new customers, the need to have a better competitive advantage over co-competitors, and the need to grow in revenue. All these are tasks that would certainly not come on a silver platter.

To achieve this successfully, there is the need for any given organization to be very proactive with devising innovative techniques that aim at addressing specific needs of customers (Tomhill, 2008). This is exactly what this project design seeks to achieve for the company. In this document, various ways of executing the long term strategic plan of the company by introducing an advanced form of existing engines has been outlined. As a document that outlines the specific ways of implementing the suggested ambition of the company, there are areas that address issues of the justification of the project, deliverables needed to accomplish the project, scope of the project, stakeholders to implement the project, specific objectives to be achieved, key assumptions and above all scope with work breakdown structure.

A lot of the delivery task has been directed as an in-house system whereby the company is seeking to utilize the existence of its core human resource to execute preferred tasks. In the work breakdown structure all that the project encompasses is shown. The work breakdown structure is going to be really useful as “the Project Manager and project team use the Work Breakdown Structure to develop the project schedule, resource requirements and costs” (Project Management Documents, 2012). Fig 1.0 Detailed Work Breakdown Structure From the figure above it is seen that the project to be carried out is one that is going to be multi-dimensional.

It shall entail the knowledge and effort of a lot of experts. Indeed, the idea to make the whole project multi-dimensional and guided by a specific work breakdown scope is against the backdrop that there is an ultimate aim of ensuring that the number of days that it takes in the production of a single engine is reduced drastically.

This would ensure that there are more units of engines built for sale and revenue creation. REFERENCE LIST Luther T. A (2009). Economic Mastery in times of Global Crisis. Multimedia Press Limited: Chicago Project Management Documents (2012) Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Template. Accessed April 11, 2012 from http: //www. projectmanagementdocs. com/templates/work-breakdown-structure-wbs. html Tomhill R. (2008). Innovation for new Economic Dispensation. Ultimate Press Limited: Cairo

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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